Respite & Holiday Care

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ladyAs a family member in the role of caregiver, you may experience extreme stress. The demands of your own family, coupled with the needs of a parent or loved one can overwhelm. Take time off and refresh yourself! Our Holiday and Respite Care service will enable you to take a vacation, go away for the holidays, or even just take an afternoon per week off. Edvin Home Healthcare Solutions certified nursing assistants or companions can care for your loved one to the extent needed, allowing you to take the “time out” you need. All care providers are supervised by a RN Case Manager, who is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A day off with no worries. The caregivers of Edvin Home Healthcare Solutions are ready to watch over your loved one in the same considerate way you do, giving you a chance to get away. Our Respite Care program is a solution when you go on vacation, travel for Holidays, attend parties, or just need to run a few errands. You can count on us for the break you need and peace of mind while you’re away. Personalized to meet your needs. We can provide respite care daily, weekly or as needed. We are very happy to arrange your care the way you need it, few hours, overnight, 1 hour to 24 hours care while you away. Get the break you need. Edvin Home Healthcare Solutions gives you the time to rediscover yourself, pursue activities that give you joy, or simply relax. While Respite Care can’t change your loved ones situation, it can help you maintain your sense of well being and significantly improve your ability to deal with every situation.